Work Life Center, Hamburg


Listed building from the Wilhelmine era (former postal administration building), erected in 1883-1887. The central building and the historic central hall will hold modern office areas.

Floor areas / rent per square metre
Total:approx. 12,000 sq.m.
price on application

Free of commission. Prices shown are net prices and do not include additional costs.


  • top quality textile floor covering / tile floors in the main hall
  • thermo active building components
  • exterior sun protection with baffle plate (except on the historic fa├žade)
  • high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows
  • office areas have floor lamps with motion and brightness sensors
  • office rooms with a mixture of glass and plasterboard walls
  • floor-to-ceiling, clear glass office doors at tenant's request
  • cavity floors with floor supply units (for customised cabling)
  • underground garage
  • spacious lobby with gallery level
  • rooms can be tailored to suit tenant's requirements

Close to:
Hamburg's city centre, the opera and the botanical gardens.